What’s new this month at Swan Earthmovers, you ask? 

Welcome Joe Gibbs!

Recently, Joe Gibbs has officially joined the Earthmovers family as a Plant Operator. Joe started two weeks ago and has recently worked with the Dump Truck and Excavator.

We are very excited to see what skills Joe brings to the company. And so far from what we have witnessed… big things! We trust his hard-working attitude to get things done with quality, and he loves learning new things. 

Want to get to know our Joe Gibbs more?

 Here are some interesting questions we asked.

What’s your favourite food? “Seafood”

What you love most about your job is “Learning new things.”

Secret talent or fun fact about yourself “Cooking Carp to taste good.”

If you could have a superpower, what could it be? “Never age.”  

What’s your strangest fear? “Driving in the city.”

What’s your most outstanding/ proudest achievement in life? “My family”

What is your role/ what do you get up to at your job? “Plant operator and anything that is needed to help with”

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