Narrung Road Upgrade complete!

Hey! Guess what? We are so excited to officially announce the Narrung Road shoulder widening project is done and dusted

Taking about a month, we and the wider community, are delighted with the improvements.

We have heard nothing but positive comments from the public, saying they feel so much safer. Especially the fisherman who head out in the early and late hours of the day; towing their boats.  The upgrade means that for them, they are not damaging their trailers when dropping off the worn out edges.

And, across the Swan Group, it also gives us peace of mind when our team and their families head out that way, knowing they are travelling in better conditions.

Not only is the Narrung Road safer, but it looks a lot more appealing and not as worn out. The upgrade is only just the start of improvements that will be happening around Meninge, ensuring our beloved town is kept maintained and well looked after.

Nothing but smooth-riding from now on!

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