Staff profile Jack Kluske

In January 2022, Jack Kluske was promoted from Swan Brothers to Swan Earthmovers Production Manager. 

Jack brings to the role a strong background in heavy machinery and earthworks. Jack is a competent machinery operator and very familiar with maintenance and repairs.

Jack has also participated in leadership training and has natural mentoring skills. Jack has spent his career around big machines, trucks and earthmovers and is no stranger to hard work.

Jack is a significant asset to the Swan Brothers team and would be lost without him. His easy-going and determined attitude keeps the Swan Brothers’ work running smoothly.

Want to get to know our production manager Jack more?

Here are some interesting questions we asked him… you might be shocked!

What’s your favourite food? “Steak and a good salad”

What do you love most about your job? “Playing with the big toys and progressing the business.”

Secret talent or fun fact about yourself “My secret talent would be knee boarding.”

If you could have a superpower, what could it be? “I would love to be able to fly.”  

What’s your strangest fear? “Suffocating. Even talking about breathing, and I start to breathe funny.”

What’s your most outstanding/ proudest achievement in life? “Junie, my daughter, and how I handled getting diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a 10-year-old.”

What is your role/ what do you get up to at your job “Production Manager, I do the product testing and keep an overview of the crushing plants and make sure everything is running as smooth as possible.”

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