20mm AND 40mm Rubble at Chapmans Pit

At Swan Earthmovers we manufacture 20mm and 40mm sized rubbles.  We mine our quarry at Tailem Bend (Chapmans Pit) and stockpile a range of rubbles on site.

We also manufacture rubbles across the region, from private pits and quarries.

Generally our stock is stockpiled at Chapmans Pit and can be delivered across the region (or picked up by arrangements).

Our rubbles are also carted and stockpiled at the Meningie Depot for local jobs.

If you are looking to build shed pads and house pads, our 20mm product is the perfect base as it goes down a lot finer and produces a smooth finish.

Whereas, our 40mm product is perfect for building tracks, road making and driveways.

Give Bob a call anytime on 0428 751 449 and he can talk you through the best product for your situation!

Learn more at https://swanearthmovers.com.au/

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