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The Swan Earthmoving team, while a new business, has assembled a unique team, with strength of character, long term experience and solid business skills.

At our core, Swan Earthmovers, is supported by our connection to the wider Swan Brothers team. With more than sixty years experience in agribusiness contracting, including heavy vehicle contracting, transport and spreading of fertiliser, this team knows heavy plant and understands customer expectations.

Former Bettsco Earthmoving team members bring solid earthmoving experience to the Swan Earthmovers team. With more than thirty years of heavy plant and rock crushing experience, this team knows their way around the region, its resources and how to get the job done.

The core of the Swan Earthmovers team is:

Craig Swan


Craig has a thirty year career in agribusiness contracting.

Qualified as a diesel mechanic, Craig has worked in the mining and autoservice industry sectors before joining the Swan Brothers family business as first an employee, and later a partner.

In addition to his trade qualifications, Craig has formal qualifications in leadership and governance and is in the final stages of the 2020 Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

Craig is responsible for strategy, direction and resourcing of Swan Earthmovers.

Email Craig: craig@swanbrothers.com.au

Kerry Swan


Kerry has a thirty year career in management. Kerry previously worked for the South Australian Government as a Project Manager and was later employed in regional development.

More recently, Kerry established her own independent real estate agency and property portfolio. Kerry holds formal qualifications in project management, management, coaching and real estate.

Kerry is responsible for business systems, business development, innovation and marketing of Swan Earthmovers.

Email Kerry: office@swanearthmovers.com.au

Bob Jeffery

Operations Manager

Bob has a forty year career in agribusiness and earthmoving. Most recently, Bob was employed by Bettsco Earthmovers as their Manager and was responsible for sales, quoting and operational logistics.

Bob is a skilled plant operator and manager of resources.

Bob is responsible for operations, people and logistics at Swan Earthmovers. Bob is your first point of contact for project enquiries and availability.

Email Bob: bobj@swanearthmovers.com.au

Brad Jeffery

Maintenance Manager

Brad is qualified as a Heavy Vehicle Diesel Mechanic, having undertaken his apprenticeship in his thirties. Brad has more than ten (10) years work experience on heavy vehicles and crushing plant and equipment.

Brad is responsible for fleet maintenance and repairs at Swan Earthmovers and works across the Swan Brother’s team to deliver strategic maintenance management across the combined fleet.

Email Brad: brad@swanbrothers.com.au

Jann Hart

Operations Support

Jann is a qualified Accountant and former nurse. Bringing strong organisational skills to the team, Jann has a strong knowledge of work, health and safety systems, permit and licensing requirements and financial reporting.

Jann is responsible for operations support and record keeping at Swan Earthmovers.

Email Jann at: office@swanearthmovers.com.au

Graham Thompson

Plant Operator

Swan Earthmovers has recruited Graham Thompson, who has five years plant operations experience.

Graham has had extensive quarrying experience having worked across a range of Bettsco and Council pits.

Jack Richards

Plant Operator

Jack Richards has also joined the wider Swan Brothers and Swan Earthmovers team.

Qualified as baker, Jack will now develop his skills as a Spreader Operator and continue to support the needs of the earthmoving team from time to time.

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